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Q: What is the History of the Miracle League?

A: In 1997 Rockdale Youth Baseball Association’s coach Eddie Bagwell invited the first child with a disability to play baseball on his team; Michael a 7 year old child in a wheel chair attended every game and practice, while cheering on his 5 year old brother playing America’s favorite past-time. And in 1998, other children with disabilities were invited to play baseball on a typical baseball field within the baseball complex of the Rockdale Youth Baseball Association (RYBA). The players had expressed the desire to dress in uniforms, make plays in the field, and round the bases just like their main stream peers. The league began with 35 players, on four teams, that first year. For more on The Miracle League History, click HERE....

Q: Are there special rules for the Miracle League?

A: Every player bats once each inning - All base runners are safe - Every player scores a run before the inning is over (last one up gets a home run) - Each team and each player wins every game!

Q: Will my child have help on the field?

A: Yes. Each child will have access to a buddy for assistance during the game. All buddies have been screened and completed background checks.

Q: Will safe equipment be provided?

A: Yes. The park will provide safe equipment, gear, and uniforms for each player.

Q: How many children are on a league?

A: It depends on how many children are present at the schedule game time. There will always be ample enough buddies and volunteers to accommodate all players.

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